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The advantages of our food additives

By means of our food additives you can tackle a number of issues:

  • Effectively slow down the processes of spoilage and the appearance of undesirable after-tastes (of oxidized fat, bitterness, etc.) in caviar and fish products, ensure their microbiological safety.
  • Siginficantly extend the shelf life of finished product.
  • Preserve the natural flavour of fresh product throghout the shelf life.
  • Refuse to use unhealthy preservatives. Our food additives contain only safe ingredients.
  • Keep up the traditional technology of fish and caviar products manufacturing.

In addition the Varex series food additives provide the opportunity to store finished products at positive temperature.

Therefore your product becomes more attractive for consumers and retailers!

Preserving the quality of finished product at positive storage temperature is very important!

Storage temperature plays an important role when retailers choose their suppliers, because not many refridge units are designed for a small negative temperature (0° to -6°С), and disturbance of temperature regime during storage and transportation significantly reduces the very small shelf life of fish products.

The Varex series food additives provide the "safety margin" of the products at temperatures up to +6°С.

With the ability to store products at positive temperature, increase their shelf life and maintain high quality, your products become high-demanded by retailers and consumers and can be delivered to new markets abroad.

High quality standards

All our products have high quality, repeatedly tested by the fish manufacturers, regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation, as well as by our customers.

The food additives have the Certificates of conformance to Technical Regulation of Customs Union and comply with sanitary regulations and standards. Fish and caviar products are manufactured with these food additives in accordance with the requirements of Interstate standards (GOST) or Specifications of company (TU).

The only complex food additives permitted for the use by Interstate standards (GOST) for caviar and roe production are Varex and LIV series food additives.

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