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Useful information about semi-preserved fish

Technologies preserving the freshness of semi-preserved fish

Fish sphere. – 2015. – #1 (12). – P.32-36.
Igor Gromov, Business Development Director for Vesta-VAR, and Anna Smagina, Senior Research Fellow of VNIRO, tell about the advantages and shortcomings of preservatives for semi-preserved fish currently used in Russia and about new ways to increase the shelf life of preservable products.Learn more...

Semi-preserved herring technology: 100 days of storage at 0°..+5°С

Fish and seafood. – 2013. – #3.
The paper is devoted to the actual challenge of storing semi-preserved fish at a "plus" temperature. Comparison of preservatives: sodium benzoate and Varex-14, – is given. The advantages of semi-preserved fish technology using the food additive Varex-14 developed by the Vesta-VAR company are grounded. The paper will be of interest not only to technologists and managers of fish processing enterprises, but also to ordinary consumers who regularly decide: how to choose semi-preserved fish?Learn more...