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Fish roe colouring technology (sturgeon caviar imitation). Varel colorant

Who does not dream of a slice of bread with black caviar at an affordable price? Make your customers happier – offer them an excellent product that will make them feel like at the king's feast! Coloured roe is popular everywhere, both at formal receptions and in economy class retail stores. When food colouring Varel is used, the nutritional value and a bouquet of natural fish roe are fully preserved. In addition, Varel can be used for protein caviar colouring.

In accordance with Specifications "Pasteurized grained fish roe":

Safe food additive (food colouring) Varel is used.

Varel is used for colouring the roe of different species of fish excepting sturgeon and salmon (with the exception of whitefish), as well as protein grained roe.

Varel is used for producing pasteurized grained roe from mature skeins (including frozen skeins).

Shelf life of roe coloured with Varel is 10 months (from the manufacture date), storage temperature is -2°C..-4°C.

Roe with Varel is packed in jars and tins.

Roe with Varel can be exported.

Roe coloured with Varel can be produced without further pasteurization, but with a complex food additive Varex-7 instead. This product can be stored at +2° to +4°C and meets the requirements of Specifications "Salted screened roe" and Amendments #1.

Common roe plus colouring Varel

Technical documents for coloured roe production (in Russian)

  • Specifications "Pasteurized grained fish roe"
  • Specifications "Salted screened roe" and Amendments #1 – with food additive Varex-7.

Download a booklet (pdf; 0, 37 MB)

Using our food additives, you ensure consistent quality of roe during shelf life, and also preserve the useful properties of the product that customers appreciate.