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Our food additives

For salmon roe

  • Varex-1 – for the 2-nd grade of maturity skeins (underripe, so-called "fat" or "sea" roe);
  • Varex-2 – for the 3-th and 4-th grades of maturity salmon roe.

For sturgeon caviar

  • Varex-11 – for fresh grain sturgeon caviar;
  • LIV-1 – for fresh grain sturgeon caviar;
  • Varex-12 – for pasteurized grain sturgeon caviar;
  • LIV-2 – for pasteurized grained sturgeon caviar;

For screened roe

  • Varex-7;
  • Varel – colorant for colouring roe to black (imitation of sturgeon caviar).

For hot-smoked fish

  • Varex-5 – for hot-smoked fish;
  • Varex-5S – for hot-smoked sturgeon;
  • LIV-4 – for hot-smoked sturgeon.

For chilled fish

  • Varex-6 – for chilled fish without ice (in vacuum package or modified atmosphere);
  • Varex-7 – for chilled fish in flake or slurry ice.

For fish gastronomy

For semi-preserved fish

  • Varex-7 – for small uncut fish;
  • Varex-14 – for semi-preserved herring, trout and other fish species.

For light-salted fish

For frozen fish

  • Varex-17.