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Red roe – recover the past glory

Arguments of week. – 2014. – #48 (440).
This article is an abbreviated version of the response of Vesta-VAR to the article of the same name by Vladimir Leonov, published in the newspaper Argumenty Nedeli #40 (432), dated October 23, 2014. In our opinion, this article by V.Leonov contained untrue information discrediting the business reputation of the company Vesta-VAR and personally co-founder of our company, Doctor of Science, Laureate of the Russian Government in Science and Technology V.A.Gromova. Therefore, we considered it necessary to provide objective information on a number of issues touched upon in it. The invariable priority for Vesta-VAR, LLC is the safety of food additives. All of our products have the highest quality, repeatedly checked by the manufacturer, the controlling authorities of the Russian Federation, as well as our customers. Vesta-VAR will continue to work to improve food safety and preserve the nation's health.Learn more...

Innovative technologies for caviar production

Fish and seafood. – 2010. – #4.
On technologies of saleable caviar production from ovulated sturgeon roe.Learn more...

Innovations in hot-smoked fish technology

Fish and seafood. – 2010. – #2.
The traditional technology of hot-smoked fish production and subsequent storage does not protect the product from the appearance of oxidized fat taste, which worsens consumer characteristics. The paper presents the perspective technology of hot-smoked fish using the food additive of the multifunctional action Varex-5. Its wide introduction will help fish processing enterprises making a real contribution to the solution of the problem of providing the population with healthy food.Learn more...

Technologies preserving the freshness of semi-preserved fish

Fish sphere. – 2015. – #1 (12). – P.32-36.
Igor Gromov, Business Development Director for Vesta-VAR, and Anna Smagina, Senior Research Fellow of VNIRO, tell about the advantages and shortcomings of preservatives for semi-preserved fish currently used in Russia and about new ways to increase the shelf life of preservable products.Learn more...

Salmon roe: new interstate standard (GOST) and well-known technologies

Fish and seafood. – 2014. – #1-2.
The article summarizes the practical experience of using various technologies of salmon roe. Considerable attention is paid to preserving the natural taste of fresh roe and the safety of preservatives for red caviar. The comparative characteristics of state standards (GOST) requirements for salmon roe are given: GOST 31794-2012, GOST 18173-2004, GOST 1629-97. The author comes to the conclusion that GOST 31794-2012 sets higher standards of salmon caviar quality than other existing GOST standards.Learn more...

Comparative description of Varex and LIV preservatives and our caviar technologies

For fresh-grain caviar Varex-11 and LIV-1 are used; for pasteurized caviar Varex-12 and LIV-2 are used.Learn more...

The use of Varex series food additives for hot-smoked fish

Fisheries. – 2010.
The problems of quality and safety of hot-smoked fish are considered in the paper.
Biochemical, microbiological and organoleptic indicators are studied during the storage of smoked fish products manufactured by new technology.
The use of the complex food additive "Varex-5" in the manufacturing of hot-smoked fish makes it possible to increase the shelf life at +2° to +6 °C from 48 hours to 15 days for product in vacuum packing and up to 40 days for product in non-vacuum packing.Learn more...