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Vesta-VAR company

The Vesta-VAR company specializes in the development of advanced technologies for fish processing and the production of high-quality safe food additives (preservatives) that are necessary to make the best fish and caviar products.

We know:

  • how to apply advanced technologies for caviar and fish production;
  • how to preserve high quality and natural flavour of roe, semi-preserved fish, smoked fish and other fish products;
  • how to extend the shelf life of fish and caviar;
  • how to make your product more attractive for retailers and customers.

Improving conventional technologies for the preservation of the highest quality fish and caviar and ensuring their food safety – this is our profession.

Vesta-VAR, LLC was founded in 2003. Today we are a leading Russian manufacturer of complex food additives (safe preservatives) in the fish processing sector. Our products are marked with Varex, Varel and LIV trademarks.

Our products have gained the recognition of the Russian Government, scientific community and the largest fish processing companies. The development of Varex and LIV series food additives was awarded the Russian Government Prize in Science and Technology in 2007.