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Useful information about smoked fish

Innovations in hot-smoked fish technology

Fish and seafood. – 2010. – #2.
The traditional technology of hot-smoked fish production and subsequent storage does not protect the product from the appearance of oxidized fat taste, which worsens consumer characteristics. The paper presents the perspective technology of hot-smoked fish using the food additive of the multifunctional action Varex-5. Its wide introduction will help fish processing enterprises making a real contribution to the solution of the problem of providing the population with healthy food.Learn more...

The use of Varex series food additives for hot-smoked fish

Fisheries. – 2010.
The problems of quality and safety of hot-smoked fish are considered in the paper.
Biochemical, microbiological and organoleptic indicators are studied during the storage of smoked fish products manufactured by new technology.
The use of the complex food additive "Varex-5" in the manufacturing of hot-smoked fish makes it possible to increase the shelf life at +2° to +6 °C from 48 hours to 15 days for product in vacuum packing and up to 40 days for product in non-vacuum packing.Learn more...