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Fish gastronomy technologies. Food additive (preservative) Varex-10

To preserve perishable culinary products: salads, fried fish, jellied fish, semi-finished products, caviar and fish butter, spreads, etc., – we recommend using food additive "Varex-10".

Caviar and fish butter, spreads

How can fish processor put non-standard primary products, pieces of smoked and salted fish, torn or weakened roe to use? Quite a few such stuffs accumulate at plants, and it is easy to turn them into a culinary masterpiece. Utilize this as raw material for the production of caviar butter or fish butter or spread using our technology. With Varex-10 the finished product can be stored for up to four months and during the entire shelf life will be tasty and fresh.

The advantages of our technology

  • Positive storage temperature of butter: +2° to +6°С.
  • Extended shelf life: up to 4 months.
  • High sensory characteristics and natural flavour of freshly prepared product are preserved throughout the shelf life.
  • Safe food additive Varex-10 is used (does not contain hazardous ingredients: sodium benzoate (E211), parabens, antibiotics, etc.).
  • Varex-10 performs a complex effect: effectively slows down the processes of spoilage and the appearance of undesirable after-tastes (of oxidized fat, bitterness, etc.), ensures the microbiological safety of butter or spread.
  • Easy-to-use and does not require changing the traditional technological process of caviar butter or fish butter manufacturing.

Specifications (TU) "Caviar butter and fish butter"

Caviar butter and fish butterSpecifications "Caviar butter and fish butter" apply to caviar butter and fish butter made of butter or spread or margarine with addition of roe of pollock, cod, ordinary fish, salmon, sturgeon and other species of fish, screened roe, roe in skeins, frozen and pasteurized roe; minced salted or smoked meat of salmon, sturgeon, ordinary fish, whitefish, herring, mackerel, horse mackerel, sardines. Replacing butter by margarine is permitted. The use of the Far East "catfish" salmon with weakened consistency, fish with mechanical injuries (with the removal of damaged areas), with defection of correct cuts, fish belly, custom cutoff pieces received at the production of salted and smoked fish in the cuts, but the ones meeting the requirements of first grade on other indicators as raw product is permitted.

The content of Varex-10 is regulated by sorbic acid. Residual content of sorbic acid in finished product manufactured with our food additive is not more than 0.2%.

Packing: cans, tins, glass and plastic jars, plastic cups, molds of aluminum foil. Other authorized types of packing may also be used.

Technical documents for caviar butter, fish butter and spread production (in Russian)

  • Specifications "Caviar butter and fish butter".

Download a booklet (pdf; 0, 11 MB)

With the ability to store product at positive temperature, extend its shelf life and maintain high quality, your culinary products become high-demanded by retailers and consumers and can be delivered to new markets abroad.

Using Varex-10, you ensure consistent quality of culinary products during shelf life, and also preserve the useful properties of product that customers appreciate.