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Our innovations and healthy nutrition

Modern buyers are demanding to the quality of foodstuffs and lack of harmful preservatives.

The safety of food additives is a permanent priority for us, so we do not use antibiotics, parabens, benzoic acid or its salts and other harmful components.

The components included in compositions of food additives Varex, Varel and LIV are recognized in Russia and European Union countries as completely safe for human health. So they are widely used in food industry in Russia and EU.

Vesta-VAR company is the pioneer and leader in producing nontoxic food additives (safe preservatives) for sturgeon and salmon caviar.

With introduction of our technologies Russian caviar producers discontinued the use of toxic boric chemicals (E284, E285, Borax) and urotropine (E239) and put their products on world markets.

Using our food additives, you ensure consistent quality of fish and roe during shelf life, and also preserve the useful properties of the product that customers appreciate.

Products manufactured with our technologies are targeted to meet the needs of retailers and the wishes of consumers.