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Screened roe technology. Food additive (preservative) Varex-7

To give the consumers of salted screened roe of Alaska pollock, halibut, pike and many other species of marine and freshwater fish a chance to enjoy the natural flavour and nutritional value of "live" product in its entirety, we have developed a technology that makes it possible to store roe up to 10 months at +2° to +4°C without sterilization or pasteurization.

The advantages of our technology

Positive storage temperature of finished product.

Extended shelf life: up to 10 months.

Roe does not undergo pasteurization or sterilization.

High sensory characteristics and natural flavour of salted roe are preserved throughout the shelf life.

Safe food additive Varex-7 is used (does not contain hazardous ingredients: urotropine, sodium benzoate (E211), parabens, antibiotics, etc.).

Varex-7 performs a complex effect: effectively slows down the processes of spoilage and the appearance of undesirable after-tastes (of oxidized fat, bitterness, etc.), ensures the microbiological safety of salted screened roe.

Reduced salinity (3.0-5.0%) of finished product.

Easy-to-use and does not require changing the traditional technological process of salted screen roe manufacturing.

Specifications "Salted screened roe" are applicable to salted screened grained roe of various families and species of fish: ordinary fish, cod fishes (gadidae family), flatfish, purplehead (Notothenia purpuriceps), herring, mackerel, bonito, horse-mackerel, grenadier, lumpsucker, capelin, gobies, whitefish, carp and others, with the exception of sturgeon and salmon.

In accordance with the Specifications "Salted screened roe" various types of packaging are permitted for use: jars with a limit weighing 0.6 kg of product, tins with a limit weighing 0.2 kg of product and other types of packaging authorized by Rospotrebnadzor.

The content of Varex-7 is regulated by sorbic acid only. Residual content of sorbic acid in finished product manufactured with our food additive is not more than 0.2%.

Foof additive Varex-7 is a well-established preservative for pike, Alaska pollock, halibut and other species of fish.

Technical documents for screened roe production (in Russian)

Further reading

You can learn more about our technology for screened roe and food additive Varex-7 in the following paper:

Download a booklet (pdf; 0, 45 MB)

With the ability to store product at positive temperature, extend its shelf life and maintain high quality, your roe becomes high-demanded by retailers and consumers and can be delivered to new markets abroad.

Using our food additives, you ensure consistent quality of roe during shelf life, and also preserve the useful properties of the product that customers appreciate.