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Payment and delivery

Methods of payment:

For companies: upfront invoice payment

After making an order we send the customer an invoice and lay away the goods at warehouse for 7 days. During this preiod it is necessary to pay an account and inform us about the payment.

For private persons: upfront payment via any bank in Russia or e-payment.

After making an order we send the customer bank account details and lay away the goods at warehouse for 7 days. During this period it is necessary to transfer the payment and inform us about it. You may deliver the payment via "Sberbank Online" service if you are a client of Sberbank.

Accompanying documents:

  • way-bill;
  • invoice (if customer is a company);
  • copy of the certificate of conformance to Technical Regulation of Customs Union;
  • step-by-step directions for use of food additive;
  • material safety data sheet.

Shipping methods:

Collection by customer or by attorney in Moscow, Russia

Via transport company

We can ship your order via any transport company that has its branch office in Moscow.
The cost of delivery is paid by the customer.

Via express mail. This shipping method is convenient for small cargo (not more than 12 kg). Mail expenses are included into the total amount.

You may track down the location of your order using tracking number that we send via e-mail after shipping your order via transport company or express mail.

Shipping methods to other countries:

  • collection by attorney in Moscow, Russia;
  • express mail;
  • contract supply.

We have experience of delivering our products to 25 countries of the world.

Map of delivery