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Sturgeon caviar technologies. Food additives (preservatives) Varex-11, Varex-12, LIV-1, LIV-2

A masterpiece created by nature, – sturgeon caviar – more than any other foodstuff demands skilled craftsmen for delicate handling and the ability to preserve its unique bouquet and flavour. For more than twenty years our experts are on the cutting edge of technology development for this unique delicacy. We offer probably the best alternative to boric chemicals (borax): safe preservatives Varex-11, Varex-12, LIV-1 and LIV-2. Preserving the riches of grain caviar flavour, we also protect your health.

Show the comparative description of Varex and LIV preservatives and our caviar technologies.

The advantages of food additives Varex and LIV

Perform a complex effect: effectively slow down the processes of spoilage and the appearance of undesirable after-tastes (of oxidized fat, bitterness, etc.), ensure the microbiological safety of caviar.

Significantly extend the shelf life of caviar.

Preserve the natural flavour and inimitable bouquet of fresh caviar throughout the shelf life.

Safe for health, because do not contain hazardous ingredients (Borax, sodium benzoate (E211), parabens, antibiotics, etc.).

Easy-to-use and do not require changing the traditional technological process of caviar manufacturing.

Caviar with these food additives can be exported.

LIV-1, LIV-2

Black caviarThe development of complex food additives LIV-1 and LIV-2 made it possible to completely refuse from using boric chemicals (also called Borax, E284, E285) for sturgeon caviar in Russia by the mid-1990s, because caviar treated with LIV-1 and LIV-2 absolutely surpassed caviar with Borax by the quality and safety for human health. Today all valid interstate standards (GOST 7442-2017, GOST 6052-2004) and local Russian standard (GOST R 55486-2013) suggest the use of LIV-1 and LIV-2 for the production of fresh and pasteurized grain sturgeon caviar.

In order to give sturgeon caviar producers an opportunity to repack finished product into small consumer package throughout the shelf life, the specifications (TU) "Pasteurized grain sturgeon caviar" were certified. According to this technology caviar can be stored in jars and tins for up to 12 months at -2°...-4°C.

According to TU "Pasteurized grain sturgeon caviar":

Repacking into consumer package from tins and jars is permitted;

Raw products are: live sturgeon, the 4-th stage of maturity raw sturgeon eggs; fresh grain caviar, pasteurized grain caviar;

Preservative – complex food additive LIV-2;

Storage temperature: -2° to -4°С;

Shelf life of caviar with LIV-2 – up to 12 months (in jars and tins);

Package: jars with a limit weighing 30 g, 60 g, 120 g of product; tins with a limit weighing 90 g of product.

Varex-11, Varex-12. "Butchered" and ovulated roe

Extracting roeWith the rapid development of sturgeon farming it has become necessary to produce caviar using the 5-th grade of maturity ovulated eggs (extracted in vivo), as well as the 4-th grade of maturity non-ovulated eggs. In this respect the Vesta-VAR company developed new manufacturing techniques for farmed sturgeon caviar in the 2000s.

The main feature of these innovative techniques is that the complex food additives (safe preservatives) Varex-11 and Varex-12 (mixtures with salt) are used. Being developed on the base of LIV-1 and LIV-2 long-term successful application experience and on the base of an improved methodology for complex food additives elaboration, they brought the technology of farmed sturgeon caviar in Russia to a new leading level. Caviar with Varex-11 can be produced according to GOST R 55486-2013 and GOST 7442-2017.

In addition, the food additives Varex-11 and Varex-12 provide the ability to store caviar at a positive temperature. This fact plays an important role when retailers choose their suppliers, because not many refridge units are designed for a small negative temperature (-2° to -4°C), and disturbance of temperature regime during storage and transportation significantly reduces the very small shelf life of caviar. Varex provides the "safety margin" at temperatures up to +4°...+6°C.

Technical documents for caviar production (in Russian)

Further reading

You can learn more about our technologies for sturgeon caviar and food additives Varex-11, Varex-12, LIV-1 and LIV-2 in the following papers and articles:

Download a booklet (pdf; 0, 18 MB)

With the ability to store product at positive temperature, extend its shelf life and maintain high quality, your caviar becomes high-demanded by caviar retailers and consumers and can be delivered to new markets abroad.

Using our food additives, you ensure consistent quality of caviar during shelf life,
and also preserve the useful properties of the product that customers appreciate.